Guided school tours & workshops

With our all-round packages consisting of clearly explained guided tours and customised workshops, you can combine theory and practice:

The focus is on human evolution / human fossils, the Stone Age and other topics from biology and history.

Here you can find all guided tours & workshops

Below you will find a list of all guided tours & workshops sorted according to the age groups nursery, primary school, secondary school I and secondary school II. Enter your preferred date(s) in the registration form. You will also be shown guided tours/workshops that can be combined with the selected offer, which you can book directly.
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Untersuchung von Humanfossilien bei Workshop für Schulen in Steinzeitwerkstatt

Based on the NRW curriculum

In the varied workshops, our educational specialists encourage learning with all the senses and provide insights into life in the Stone Age and the development of humankind. The potential of the pupils is encouraged in an action-orientated and sustainable way in the joint work. All our workshops are perfectly aligned with the curriculum and are always up-to-date.

Kinder im Höhlenraum bei Workshop für Schulen und Ferienprogramm

For all age groups

We offer archaeotechnical workshops for pupils of all ages in our Stone Age workshop. After an introduction to Stone Age crafts, we build workpieces from natural materials. The anthropological workshops are suitable for middle and high school students. Together we examine casts of human bones and famous fossil artefacts.

Gruppenfoto einer Schulklasse im Foyer der Steinzeitwerkstatt

More information for schools & daycare centres

Under ‘All information for schools & daycare centres’ you will find further exciting offers and tips for your visit to the Neanderthal Museum.