Neandertal World of Discovery

Fancy an exciting day out for the whole family in your neighbourhood? Then the beautiful Neandertal between Düsseldorf & Wuppertal is just the place for you! Whether the weather is bad or the sun is shining, six exciting indoor and outdoor highlights await you around the Neanderthal Museum in the Neandertal World of Discovery.

Familie schaut sich den Neanderthaler Mr N in der Dauerausstellung an

Neanderthal Museum

Meet the famous Neanderthal Mr. N and the baby mammoth Tinka! Immerse yourself in 4 million years of human history! In our family-friendly exhibition you will find the answers to the central questions ‘Where do we come from?’, ‘Who are we?’ and ‘Where are we going?’.

Familie schaut durch virtuelles Fernrohr auf Erlebnisturm Höhlenblick

Discovery site & Höhlenblick tower

Travel back to the Stone Age on the Höhlenblick tower and get very close to the Neanderthal man discovered here. The discovery site is just 400 metres away and is part of the Neanderthal Museum.

Kind spielt auf Steinzeitspielplatz in Familien Outdoor Erlebniswelt

Stone Age Playground

If you're still not tired of the many hands-on stations in the museum, then head out to Europe's largest Stone Age playground. Directly opposite the museum, children's dreams come true and parents can relax in the picnic area.

Erwachsene berühren große Gehirn Statue aus Stein beim Outdoor Kunstweg

Art Trail

On a walk through the woodland between the museum and the Ice Age Animal Park, you will experience the tension between man and nature. The various works of art invite you to reflect on the nature of mankind.

Kinder im Höhlenraum bei Workshop für Schulen und Ferienprogramm

Stone Age Workshop

Don't just want to hear how to make fire, but become a Neanderthal yourself? Our birthday programmes and workshops on topics such as human evolution, climate and human development, fossil finds and life in the Stone Age take place in the Stone Age Workshop.

Wisente zusammen mit Jungtieren auf Wiese outdoor im Eiszeitlichen Wildgehege

Ice Age Animal Park

In the past, they sometimes served the Neanderthals as a source of meat, hides and other tools: bison. These animals, which are rarely found today, live together with replicas of aurochs and tarpans (wild horses), which became extinct in Europe hundreds of years ago, in the large and extensive Ice Age Animal Park.

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