With the ‘Neanderthal App’, you can get the free audio guide directly on your smartphone. In the mobile game "Ice Age Worlds" you travel 40,000 years back in to the Stone Age world.

Erwachsene mit Audioguides zwischen Homo sapiens sapiens und Homo ergaster

Neanderthal App

Free audio guide to avoid waiting times inside the museum

With the app, you can get the free audio guide directly on your smartphone so that you can use your own headphones in the museum. This saves you waiting times at the audio stations and protects the environment. Of course, the app also contains lots of other useful information about the museum.

Key Visual Eiszeitwelten_App

Mobile Game "Ice Age Worlds"

Have you always wanted to live in the prehistoric world some 40,000 years ago, with mammoths, giant deer and woolly rhinoceroses? Slip into the role of a young Neanderthal in a lovingly animated world, collect Stone Age tools and solve various tasks. The game worlds are based on the latest scientific findings.

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