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Your admission to the Neanderthal Museum gives you access to our exciting, changing special exhibitions. On this page you will find all the information about current, past and future special exhibitions. We have also summarised the most frequently asked questions in an FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Besuchende bei Führung vor dem Kajak in der Sonderausstellung Eiszeitreise Grönland


Special exhibition until 3 November 2024

Snow, ice, wind and endless expanses. That is Greenland. But what else does this vast and scenically impressive country have to offer? In our exhibition EIS ZEIT REISE GRÖNLAND we take you on a journey through the archaeology and history of Greenland.

Comicstation in der Sonderausstellung Eiszeitreise Grönland

Greenland in a graphic novel

The starting point of the exhibition is the graphic novel ‘Qanga’, which means ‘back then’ in the Inuit language Inuktitut. In it, comic artist Konrad Nuka Godfredsen takes us back to the past of his homeland and to the roots of Greenlandic culture and history.


Frau und Kind erforschen Knochen bei Taststation in Sonderausstellung Eiszeitreise Grönland

Immerse yourself in the life of the Inuit

Numerous hands-on stations await you

Experience the world of the Greenlandic natives up close: touch sealskins and tools, listen to their stories at the audio stations, learn a few words of Greenlandic and show off your artistic talent at the comic station.

Frau spielt auf Trommel in Sonderausstellung Eiszeitreise Grönland

Immersive gaming experience

"Mother of the Sea"

The Mother of the Sea punishes the greedy humans who hunt sea animals in abundance by keeping the animals at the bottom of the sea and letting the humans starve. Your task is to travel to the bottom of the sea together with a shaman to appease her.

Familie bestaunt Inuit Werkzeuge in Sonderausstellung Eiszeitreise Grönland

Private guided tour of the special exhibition?

For families & groups

Take an exclusive EIS ZEIT REISE trip to Greenland. Together with your guide, discover the new special exhibition about the life of the people of Greenland, its breathtaking nature and wildlife. The programme will be tailored to your group.

Erwachsene lauschen Audioguides am Stammbusch

Kommende Sonderausstellung

"Stereotypes" Neanderthalerin

Ab November 2024 zeigen wir eine ganz neu konzipierte Ausstellung, die sich allen Neanderthalern widmet, die sonst nicht gezeigt werden. Dabei werden der Stereotyp des Neanderthalers hinterfragt und spannende Erkenntnisse auf unsere heutige Gesellschaft gezogen.

FAQ - frequently asked questions about the special exhibitions