Stone Age Playground


Stone Age Playground

In September 2018 ground was broken and now the Stone Age Playground is finally open. Directly opposite the Neanderthal Museum there is now a one-of-a-kind adventure-discovery playground, including water features. Over an area of 2,250 m2 a unique Stone Age play area has been created, one which helps form connections to prehistory and the Neanderthals.

A curving, 34-metre bridge spans Mettmann Creek, connecting the Neanderthal Museum with the Stone Age Playground. A second section of the bridge, extending 22 metres across the Düssel River, provides access, suitable for those with disabilities, to the parking area.

Wood, wood, and more wood has been used in the playground's construction. There is also a "driftwood landscape" - an area suitable for small children up to the age of 6 with balance beams and water features. Pavilions, boulders and tree trunks provide opportunities to sit and relax.

Easily the most eye-catching feature is the Spear Tower, the highest point of which rises 9.5m into the sky from where a slide leads down. Ropes and nets add to the climbing fun. In the Cave of the Bears there are also a number of cave paintings to discover.

Have a great time playing and climbing!

Stone Age ActionPack

Solve the tasks in the museum & on the Stone Age Playground and awaken the Stone Age researcher in you! The Stone Age ActionPack is available at the museum box office.

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