Prizes and Awards Received by the Neanderthal Museums

The Neanderthal Museum has set high standards - and not only in the presentation of the history of the Neanderthals. This is made clear not only by our satisfied visitors, but also by the many prizes and awards the museum has received for its architecture and museological conception since opening in 1996.


  • Concrete Architecture Prize 1997. Awarded by the German Concrete Industry Association.


  • Award for Building Excellence, BDA Prize, Düsseldorf 1997. Awarded by the Association of German Architects.


  • European Museum of the Year Award Special Commendation 1998, Awarded by the European Museums Forum.


  • North Rhine-Westphalia Architecture Prize 1998. Awarded by the Association of German Architects.


  • The museum's website was awarded a Gold Star by the International Council of Museums.


  • Rhineland Award for innovative tourism management in the Rhineland region.


  • The special exhibition "Neue deutsche Architektur - Eine reflexive Moderne" was selected for recognition by a national and international jury.


  • The Neanderthal Museum received special recognition in the awards for "Excellence in conception among working museums and modern cultural sites". Awarded by the Living City Foundation.


  • Winner, chosen as a "Selected Landmark" in the "365 Landmarks in Germany: Land of Ideas" initiative.


  • Nominated for the Cultural Brand of the Year award. Awarded by KULTURSPIEGEL and Causales, Berlin


  • Winner, for the NESPOS online database, chosen as a "Selected Landmark" in the "365 Landmarks in Germany: Land of Ideas" initiative .


  • Winner of the German Archaeological Prize. Awarded by the German Prehistoric Archaeology Society.


  • Winner of the competition Kooperation. Konkret.2010 for out programme "Human Evolution meets Religion“ in cooperation with Gymnasium Wülfrath (Wülfrath Grammar School). Awarded yearly by Medienberatung NRW.
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