The digital collection NESPOS was developed within the framework of the EU-funded project TNT (The Neanderthal Tools, EU programme "Digicult"). It was designed as an internationally accessible online database and collected anthropological and archaeological data related to Neanderthal research and human evolution, including 3D scans, CT scans, scanned literature, site information, images and tables. The focus of the collection was on 3D objects.

To protect valuable original finds, direct contact with artefacts by scientists and museum staff must be kept to a minimum. Fortunately, 3D techniques can be used to create accurate digital copies of original finds that can be used in a variety of ways. The majority of surveys, typological classifications and stylistic comparisons can be carried out on the digital copy. Likewise, cuts through the digital object do not damage the original. Our 3D models are also used for education and outreach as well as museum exhibitions and digital applications.

The NESPOS archive was co-created by its users, who could upload data from their own resources. In 2019, the NESPOS website had to be taken offline. All collected data was backed up by a research assistant of the Neanderthal Museum and is available online in our Digital Archive since February 2022.

If you have any questions about this collection, please feel free to contact the following colleague: Dr Bärbel Auffermann

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