Neanderthal Discovery Site & Höhlenblick tower

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The Feldhofer Grotte cave, where the remains of the Neanderthal were found in 1856, was destroyed by quarrying activities, as was the spectacular Neander Valley gorge. After new excavations in 1997 and 2000, a park was created on the site of the world-famous discovery.

Admission is included in the museum ticket.

Travel back to the Stone Age

On the Höhlenblick ("Cave View") tower you stand exactly where the Neanderthal cave was found. From here you can take a virtual look back at the Stone Age Neanderthal valley. The dome, designed as the Neanderthal's skull roof, is the tower's landmark.

360 metres into the Stone Age

Ramps running in opposite directions ensure a barrier-free ascent to the 22-metre-high Höhlenblick tower. You won't be bored on the way up. Picture installations provide an insight into the turbulent history of the discovery and the valley, accompanied by short audio stories of important contemporary witnesses.

Dare the mammoth test

Our mammoth test - the 20m high climbing tunnel. It leads right across the Höhlenblick tower and is a welcome shortcut on the way up - as long as your legs don't get wobbly. You can balance safely on the thick rope and the net provides additional support.

Discover the Neander Valley

Look through the virtual telescopes into the deep ice-age gorge and observe the Neanderthals in their everyday life. Herds of mammoths trudge through the Neander Valley and the wild hunt begins!

Be present at the funeral

See what bones were found during the excavations. If you scan the QR code, you can see the burial scene that took place up here in a 360° image.

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