Digital Audience Analysis: Audience Segmentation Based on User Motivation

With funding from EU project „DOORS“ (Digital incubator fOR muSeums)" Rick Springer is researching digital museum offers and their use by visitors and non-visitors.

Since the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic at the end of 2019, many museums across Europe are developing new digital offers.However, in order to provide sustainable and successful digital offers, museums need to take a step back and understand the needs of their potential users.

With the support of The Audience Agency, Springer is re-evaluating existing digital offerings and analysing digital users and their motivations. In addition, the motivation and wishes of users and non-users are recorded in order to subsequently identify criteria for sustainable and fun digital museum offers.

Our DOORS project addresses the following research questions:

  • Which are the core motivations of our users for using existing digital offers?
  • What keeps non-users from accessing our existing digital offers?
  • What motivates non-users to access digital offers from other suppliers/institutions?
  • Are users satisfied when using our existing digital offers?
  • Are users able to find the right digital offers for their needs in our range of products?
  • What would users and non-users like us to change about our digital products?

Neanderthal Museum is part of the DOORS - Digital Incubator of Museums network.

This research is made possible by Ars Electronica, Museum Booster and the Ecsite network as part of the DOORS project. DOORS has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement no. 101036071.

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