Important notice

We recommend to wear medical masks (OP, FFP2, KN/N95 masks)!

Notes on our hygiene concept

The health of our guests and our team is our top priority. For this reason we have developed a comprehensive safety and hygiene concept. Due to the adapted safety measures, there may be longer waiting times, we hope you understand this. In order to ensure that all visitors have a smooth stay in the museum, we would therefore ask you to observe a few notes:


Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office. We advise you to buy online tickets to prevent waiting times and get acces to priority lane. Admission to the museum must take place at the time stated on the tickets (+30 minutes). We try to avoid waiting times. Please understand if you still have to wait.

Artcard, Ruhrtopcard, annual tickets, vouchers and tickets that have already been purchased, etc. remain valid. We would like to point out once again that there may be waiting times in front of the museum at any time despite the online ticket. As the holder of a valid RUHR.TOPCARD, you receive one-time free entry to the Neanderthal Museum.

Online Tickets

Medical mask

We recommend you to wear a medical mask (surgical, FFP2 & KN95 / N95 masks) from 6 years of age!

Neanderthal App

Audioguide on your phone. Use our app to listen to the audio guide with your own headphones . This way you are not dependent on our headphones and the fixed audio stations and can keep a safe distance everywhere.

The app also gives you more information about the exhibition and the surrounding area.



Neanderthal App for iOS + Android

Hygiene measures

You can protect yourself and others by keeping a sufficient distance (1.5 metres), for example when standing in line. Wash your hands thoroughly on a regular basis and pay at the museum cash desk with your card. Toilets, frequently used areas and audio guides are regularly cleaned with disinfectant.

To avoid long queues, you can pass the time by taking a walk to the Ice Age Animal Park.

Workshops, guided tours & children's birthdays

Exciting children's birthday parties, entertaining guided tours, workshops and many other indoor and outdoor events. Our extensive offer can be found on our homepage!



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Museum Café

The museum cafe at the end of the permanent exhibition including the roof terrace is open! Enjoy some drinks and snacks during your visit in the museum.

Of course you are welcome to bring your own drinks and food. In the museum garden or in the Neandertal you can end your visit to the museum in peace and quiet with food you brought yourself.


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