NMsee: Playful inclusion at the museum

The project "NMsee" (2019-2021) is developing an inclusive mobile game that offers a new museum experience to guests with and without visual impairments.

The mobile game takes guests on a journey into the Ice Age and is based on so-called "audio games" such as "Sound of Magic" or "The Nightjar". For guests with visual impairments, the barrier-free game offers, among other things, an indoor navigation function. The museum is also installing new tactile exhibits, tactile signs and a floor guidance system in the permanent exhibition.

In cooperation with the BSV Nordrhein e.V. the mobile game is developed interactively and continuously tested with people affected. The game release is planned for spring 2021, depending on the development of the COVID pandemic.

In the final year 2021 a report about the evaluation results and the development work in the project will be published. NMsee is also accompanied by the dissertation of the project leader at the University of Heidelberg (History Department, Public History).

Updates on the project can be found via Twitter, on the museum blog and on the social media channels of the Neanderthal Museum.

Scientific Project Manager:
Anna Riethus, MA
Staff member of BSVN e.V.

NMsee is made possible by:
Stiftung Wohlfahrtspflege, Kämpgen Stiftung

The new accessible infrastructure is made possible by:
NRW-Stiftung, LVR

More new tactile exhibits are made possible by:
Aktion Mensch

The inclusive mobile game and the new infrastructure will be implemented with the following companies:
Wegesrand GmbH und Co KG
Monokel - Films, Games, Transmedia
Inkl. Design



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