Neanderthals and Us (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

The Neanderthal Museum is part of the project "Neanderthals and Us: how the golden age of Neanderthal research challenges human self-understanding” der Erasmus Universität Rotterdam und der Universität Leiden (2023-2026).

The interdisciplinary project combines expertise from Paleolithic archaeology, biological psychology and philosophy to explore how changes in Neanderthal research and Neanderthal representations in creative genres (exhibitions, novels, films, cartoons) challenge our self-understanding as humans.

Over the next two years, our Citizen panel "Paleo experts" will participate in a total of 6 community meetings. In workshops, discussion groups, creative meetings and Q&A sessions, the members of the "Paleo experts" can actively participate in the research conversation and discuss their ideas, interests and approaches with the researchers.

The "Paleo experts" are already complete. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any more applications. Thank you for your great interest!

Contact & Sponsors

The project is made possible by the Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO, Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research).

Contact: Dustin Welper

Partner & Sponsors:

Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek

Philosophische Fakultät, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Archäologische Fakultät, Universität Leiden