Ice Age hunters

from May 14th 2022 to Nov 6th 2022

The focus of the exhibition is the extraordinary find of a European sabre-toothed cat from Schöningen, Lower Saxony. These ice-age predators, which our ancestors also encountered, lived 300,000 years ago. Based on the findings of teeth and bones from Schöningen, scientists have created a lifelike reconstruction of the prehistoric cat. The exhibition brings the world of the prehistoric hunters back to life with many informative details and vivid pictures.

Anyone who has always wanted to know why the sabre-toothed cat is not a sabre-toothed tiger can find out in the exhibition.

At many hands-on stations you can try out how strong the jaw of a sabre-toothed cat was and how cats see in comparison to us.

An exhibition by paläon GmbH.

Photo: CATS child and skeleton ©Felix Hillgruber