Archaeological Technology Workshops in the Stone Age Workshop

Duration: from 60 minutes
Cost: 5 € p.p., min. 85 €
Group size: max. 30 people

The workshops can also be held in French.

Stone Age Lamp

How did Stone Age people find their way in the dark, or in caves when they went to create their cave paintings? With Stone Age lamps of course. Small lamps, just like the real thing, will be made using clay. Plant oil and wicks are then added.

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Stone Age Amulet

A Stone Age pendant of wood, or some other natural material, will be made, then drilled and sanded. With the addition of a leather lace or some artificial sinew a necklace will be created.

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Sharp as a Knife

Using a flint blade and Stone Age glue made from resin, wax, and tree bark, the participants construct a knife like those used in the Stone Age. The knife will even cut vegetables and bread.

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Leather - the Stone Age Fabric

After an introduction to the functions of clothing, the participants use bone awls, bone needles, and artificial sinew to sew their own leather pouch.

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On the Hunt

Using spear-throwers, the participants test their skills with Stone Age hunting weapons. This workshop depends on the weather. In the case of heavy rain, flint is used to engrave hunting scenes on slate.

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