The Neanderthal Discovery Site

Feldhofer Cave, where the remains of the original Neanderthal were discovered in 1856, was destroyed as a result of quarry work. After new excavations in 1997 and 2000, a park was created on the site of the world-famous discovery.

Rent a set of headphones in the museum and listen to enthralling stories about the history of the valley. The audioguide is included in the admission price for the museum.

The discovery site is approximately 400 metres from the museum.

Discovery Site Opening Hours:
March to October 10 am to 5 pm
November to February 10 am to 4 pm

Guided Tours of the Discovery Site

Tower construction "Höhlenblick" ("Cave View")

The “Höhlenblick” tower is being built to upgrade the Neanderthals dicovery site which is within walking distance of the Neanderthal Museum.

The cave view is built as an open steel structure on the site of the Neanderthal cave Feldhofer Grotte, which was completely destroyed by limestone mining in the 19th century. The 22 m high tower can be entered barrier-free alternately using inner and outer ramps over 360 m. Under the dome designed as a skullcap on the top platform, visitors are at the level of the lost Feldhofer Grotte cave. From here you can look like the Neanderthal man from his cave to the opposite side of the valley. The inner open space of the tower, the ramps and the upper platform offer space for a sensory, low-threshold experience of the original valley area.