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Together with the Causales Agency in Berlin, we have put together a document for potential sponsors detailing the profile and reach of the Neanderthal museum "brand" and listing, with descriptions, various sponsorship models. We would be happy to provide a copy of the document upon request.

Contact: Roland Ebbing · Tel.: 02104 9797-28 · Email


With your endowment you can provide long-term support to the Neanderthal Museum, and to research into the history of humankind. We would be happy to advise you and to respond to your individual vision for an endowment.

Contact: Museum Director Dr. Bärbel Auffermann
Tel.: 02104 9797-0 · Email


Your Donations Make Our Museum Possible!

As a museum privately owned by the Neanderthal Museum Foundation, we generate the funds to cover a substantial fraction of our operating costs ourselves. As such, our need for subsidisation is relatively small compared to the majority of museums. This provides considerable motivation for our staff and results in a level of customer service of which we are, in all modesty, very proud.

We feel it is of particular importance to maintain transparency for our donors by clearly stating how we plan to use their donations. Currently, we are planning to expand our collection of fossil replicas. These are put to frequent use in educating upper secondary school classes about human evolution.

Donations start from as little as € 5.00.
We appreciate your support.

Donations by Bank Transfer

Naturally, you can make your donation via a direct transfer to our account.

Stiftung Neanderthal Museum
Kreissparkasse Düsseldorf
IBAN: DE34 3015 0200 0001 7811 11

For donations of up to € 100.00, the transfer form suffices as proof of your donation for tax purposes. Donations of more than € 100.00 will automatically receive a donation receipt. If you donate more than € 100.00, please be sure to include your address in the transfer information, or inform us of your address directly.

Contact: Petra Schiller, Tel.: 02104 9797-12 · Email


Supporting Education with Your Last Will and Testament

A bequest can provide long-term support for education, scientific research, and communication by an independent scientific institution. Individuals who would like to use a bequest to support research into the history of humankind and the Neanderthal Museum, can name the Neanderthal Museum as a beneficiary in their will. We would be happy to advise you on this matter and to help you formulate a bequest that expresses your wishes.

Contact: Museum Director Dr. Bärbel Auffermann
Tel.: 02104 9797-0 · Email