Research Projects

The research strategy of the Neanderthal Museum

The Neanderthal Museum Foundation serves society as a mediating platform between complex science and socially relevant questions about human evolution. Research at the Neanderthal Museum promotes interdisciplinary exchange between archaeological, biological, sociological and philosophical research.

With its work, the museum and its research strengthen the knowledge and awareness of human evolution in Germany. Research at Neanderthal Museum always takes place in close exchange with the museum's educational work.

As researchers and museum staff, we work in an approachable and understandable way. We are open to participation and, especially in our visitor research, we are in dialogue with those affected. Our museological research sets new standards for science communication in Germany and constantly improves the accessibility of knowledge for a broad public.

With our expertise from the research fields of archaeology and anthropology, as well as a wide range of mediation methods, we actively stimulate discussions on complex and current social issues such as migration and climate change.

Our museum and research team is always interested in exchange and networking with other museums and research institutions. We also support the mobility of our museum staff and help build skills for the job market.

Research topics of the Neanderthal Museum Foundation:

  • Human evolution, Paleolithic and Mesolithic
    Focus on Europe and Asia (tools, aDNA research, flora & fauna, art, lifestyle, childhood & old age, social structures, gender & sex, migration movements & climate change...)
  • Museology (Visitor research, inclusion & participation, innovative education & outreach)
  • Archaeoinformatics
  • Social perception of Neanderthals & human evolution
  • Professionalisation of museum work

You would like to start a project in or with Neanderthal Museum? Please contact our research coordinator with your project or cooperation idea.


In spring 2022, Neanderthal Museum is participating in the DOORS project: DOORS (Digital incubator fOR muSeums) supports small and medium-sized museums in their digital transformation. The project was initiated by Ars Electronica, Museum Booster and the Ecsite network. DOORS has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101036071. Our museum is also applying for phase 2 of DOORS, in which innovative digitisation projects will be implemented.
Rick Springer, Research Associate & DOORS participant: "Within the first phase of the DOORS Incubator project, the networking with museum makers and experts from the tech sector was particularly exciting and helpful. Interactive workshops, inspiring presentations and the other 38 pilot projects definitely inspire you to do more! It's always good to reflect on how much we don't know yet as well."