Collection of Human Fossil Replicas

The Neanderthal Museum has a comprehensive collection of fossil replicas, which, as a whole and in individual comparison, provides an overview of the morphological development of the genus Homo in Africa, Asia, and Europe. In Europe, the only similar collections of high-quality replicas are found at the Natural History Museum in London and at the Musée de L´Homme in Paris. The Neanderthal Museum's palaeoanthropological replica collection has, since 2004, played an important role in the EU-sponsored research project for the digital reconstruction of Neanderthals (TNT) and the NESPOS database.

The replica collection is stored in the collection room of the Stone Age Workshop. It is divided by species, organised chronologically within each, and is available to qualified individuals for research purposes. Since 2007 the collection has been made available to interested lay visitors within the context of our Tours, Professional Training, and Schools Programme.

If you have questions regarding the replica collection, please contact Dr. Auffermann by Email