Activity programme

Are you looking for an out-of-the-ordinary event, company outing, or birthday party?
We have something for everybody in our Stone Age activity programme. How about geo-caching or archery? And if you would like to finish your day with a culinary get-together, why not book our barbecue area?

Back to the Roots

The Right Tool for the Job...
Would you have survived in the Stone Age? Discover the Stone Age toolmaker within and use flint to make your own Stone Age knife. In an entertaining and fun workshop give yourself over to a journey through 4 million years of human history and learn how the invention and use of tools changed the world.

Duration: 2.5 hrs., Days: Tue-Sun, Cost: from 19.13 € p.p. (for a group of 30 people)

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Stone Age Action

An action-packed Stone Age experience in the renowned Neanderthal Museum. The museum team will take you on an exciting journey through human history. Did you know there were red-haired Neanderthals? Learn interesting and curious facts about the lives of Neanderthals. Test your hunting skills in the museum garden and learn fire-making techniques.

Duration: 2 hrs., Cost: from 16.76 € p.p. (for a group of 30 people)

Available from March to November

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The Stone Age by Segway

Take a Segway ride through the beautiful landscape of the Neander Valley. A visit to the discovery site of the world famous Neanderthal is, of course, included. Experience the pleasure of riding a Segway, prove your hunting skills at archery, and dive into 4 million years of human history on a tour of the Neanderthal Museum.

Duration: 3 hrs., Cost: from 61.86 € p.p. (for a group of 15 people)

Bookings can be made through Segway Rheinland. The tour is available from March to November.

Birthday Party: "Stoneage"

After welcoming you and your friends to the museum, we begin with an entertaining tour of the permanent exhibition. Next, we invite you to the hunt in the museum garden where you can take aim at Ice Age "animals" using a spear-thrower. We would be happy to reserve the Museum Café for your use after the activities are finished.

Duration: 1.5 hrs, Days: Tue-Sun, Cost: 209.00 € (max. 15 people). The tour is available from march to november.

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