Experience a Journey Through 4 Million Years of Human History

"Where do we come from?" – "Who are we?" – "Where are we going?" These key questions form the guiding theme of the Neanderthal Museum.

The exhibition traces humankind's long journey from the savannah to the metropolises of today, with focus placed on the Neanderthals. The life-sized figures in the museum were created on the basis of fossil finds and scientific reconstruction methods.

Textreaders for the permanent exhibition are available in 13 languages.

The Audioguide is included in the admission price.

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Numerous multimedia installations and audio presentations, together with our exhibits and informational texts, give fascinating insights into the worlds of archaeology and palaeoanthropology. Those wishing to further deepen their understanding can do so with our "research boxes" and computer stations.

Stone-Age Action Pack

Complete the exercises throughout the museum and awaken the Stone-Age researcher within! Available at the museum for only 2,95 €.




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